A Lived Learning Experience

A Lived Learning Experience

November 11, 2016

Each year at around this time, we send groups of students from Grade 4 to Grade 12 out into the world to take part in our Experiential Learning Program (ELP). As a core part of the ISF mission, experiential learning forms an essential part of learning at our school. Without experience, we can learn nothing from our personal past; our future will be plagued with consequences of mistakes, made repeatedly. Through experience, we make sense of our personal knowledge. We learn when, where and how to apply what we know.

So what might a student say of their ELP learning? The following images offer some idea of the diversity, depth, and breadth of the experiential learning undertaken during this year’s ELP. You know you have had an experience when…


At a time when we often perceive learning to be driven solely by assessments and benchmarks, these experiences serve to remind us of the importance of balance and diversity in a complete education. For each student, these ELPs will continue to resonate and teach for a lifetime.

Finally, we must acknowledge that experiential learning of the type offered at The ISF Academy is not self-generating. We gratefully recognize and remain deeply indebted to the Experiential Learning Team, the many volunteer teachers, school leaders, and specialist instructors who have committed their time, energy, and expertise to bring these experiences to life.

Dr. Malcolm Pritchard
Head of School

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