Admissions Procedure


Admissions applications can ONLY be made online. Please visit “Online Admissions Application” on our school website. Any other form of admissions application, such as email, fax, in-person, or post, will NOT be processed. Applications will not be accepted after the closing dates for applications.

Before submitting an admissions application, you need to join The Friends of The ISF Academy.

As a Friend of The ISF Academy, you can:

1) Submit your child/children's admissions application(s) and

2) Sign up for our Admissions Events including the Admissions Briefing Sessions and the School Tour Days.

To become a Friend, please go to: http://admissions.isf.edu.hk


A completed application consists of the following. Applications will only be processed when ALL of the items below are received:

  1. Completed on-line Application Form;
  2. Recent (within the past three months) passport-size photo of applicant# ;
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate# *;
  4. Copy of HKID or Passport data page and Hong Kong visa stamp# *;
  5. Photocopies of current and prior year school reports (up to three years prior to year of entry if available)  # *;
  6. One recent (within the past three months) group family photo (with ALL family members including both parents and siblings if any)  # ; and
  7. HK$1,000 application fee payable by credit card through paypal.

# Please scan the required item into jpg or pdf format and upload it through the on-line application procedure.

* Parents will be required to bring the original documents for verification during the Stage 2 Parent-Child/Parent Meeting.


Applications for Current Academic Year: 2016-17

We adopt a rolling admissions process for grades with vacancies, generally accepting students from August of the current year to January of the same academic year. Parents are requested to contact our Admissions Office to check availability of places.

Applications for Next Academic Year: 2017-18

Regular Application Period

Applications for the 2017-18 academic year will commence on Friday, August 26, 2016. The table below serves as a guide to our admissions process and The ISF Academy reserves the right to modify these dates and periods if necessary. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to our website at academy.isf.edu.hk or contact our Admissions Office.

Rolling Application Period

Depending on the grade, the school may have available spaces after concluding the Regular Application Process. Hence, from Friday 28 April, 2017, the Admissions Office will accept and review applications for 2017-18 on a rolling basis i.e. Rolling Admissions.

Admissions Assessments Dates

Our Stage 1 assessments involve group discussions and activities. All applicants must participate in Stage 1 (and in the case of the Foundation Year Assessment, applicants must participate in Stage 1A and Stage 1B) before moving on to Stage 2. Applicants must ensure that they are able to participate in one of the Stage 1 dates indicated below. While the Admissions Office will make every attempt possible to reschedule a Stage 1 group assessment for an applicant, the Admissions Office will offer at most one other alternative date and this alternative date offered will also be conducted during the Stage 1 periods stated below. The Admissions Office is not able to assess applicants who are not in Hong Kong during the periods identified below. Please see “Rescheduling an Admissions Assessment”.

School Grade Level Closing Date for Application Stage 1: Student Assessment# Stage 2: Parent-Child/Parent Meeting Release of Results
Primary School Foundation Year October 15, 2016

Stage 1A: September 19 to November 1, 2016

Stage 1B: November 22 to 29, 2016

December 2016 to January 2017

By February 28, 2017
Grade 1 September 30, 2016

October 17 to 19, 2016

November 2016 By December 15, 2016
Grade 2 to 5 February 15, 2017

Stage 1A:
February 25, 2017
February 27, 2017 (Reserved)

Stage 1B:
March 13, 2017
March 20, 2017 (Reserved)

April 2017 By April 13, 2017
Secondary School Grade 6 to 11 February 15, 2017

Stage 1A:
February 25, 2017
February 27, 2017 (Reserved)

Stage 1B:
March 17, 2017
March 31, 2017 (Reserved)

April 2017 By April 13, 2017



The assessment process in both the Primary and Secondary Schools is divided into different stages. Applicants who do not pass one stage will not be invited back to the next stage. Successful applicants are those who pass all stages. 

Rescheduling an Admissions Assessment

In the event the applicant is unable to attend the scheduled admissions assessment for any reason, for example, a conflict with a music examination, applicants are to inform the Admissions Office as soon as possible and no less than three business days before the date of the admissions assessment. The Admissions Office will, whenever possible, provide one alternative assessment date on one of the predetermined dates listed in the table showing the Admissions Assessments Dates. However, please note that the Admissions Office is under no obligation to arrange another assessment and should the Office be unable to find a mutually agreed date, the application will be considered unsuccessful, the application will be closed, and no application fee will be refunded. 

In the event the applicant falls ill on the morning of the assessment, parents must inform the Admissions Office prior to the assessment time and a new assessment date will be given when a doctor’s note is submitted to the Admissions Office. Applicants who are not feeling well are advised not to participate in the assessments. Applicants who are not feeling well and who choose to participate in the assessment activity will not be granted another assessment opportunity.


Foundation Year

Assessments for Foundation Year Applicants are conducted as detailed below. All applicants will be invited for Stage 1A. Not all applicants will be invited back for Stage 1B, and not all Stage 1B applicants will be invited back for Stage 2. The Admissions Office does not conduct reassessments for applicants.

  • Stage 1A

Student Group Activities: Conducted in Cantonese, English, or Putonghua.  The language used will be the native language indicated on the application form.  If the applicant has indicated more than one native languages, the Admissions Office will select one of these native languages to conduct the assessment.  The Admissions Office does not favor any one language over another.  (About 45 minutes).

  • Stage 1B

Student Group Activities: Conducted in both English and Putonghua. The applicants will be led through several bilingual activities by a Group Leader speaking English, Putonghua, or Cantonese as per the native language(s) indicated on the application form. (About 1 hour).

  • Stage 2

Parent and child meeting with a senior member of the school.

Grade 1

Assessments for Grade 1 Applicants are as conducted as detailed below. All applicants will be invited for Stage 1. Not all applicants will be invited back for Stage 2.

  • Stage 1
    • Student Group Activities: Conducted in both English and Putonghua. 
  • Stage 2
    • Parent and child meeting with a senior member of the school.

Grade 2 to Grade 11

Assessments for Grade 2 to 11 Applicants are conducted as detailed below. All applicants will be invited for Stage 1A. Not all applicants will be invited back for subsequent stages.

  • Stage 1A: Written papers in Chinese, English, Chinese Mathematics*, and English Mathematics;
  • Stage 1B: Putonghua and English Oral Interviews, as well as a computerized assessment; and
  • Stage 2: Parent meeting with a senior member of the school.

* For Grade 2 to 5 only


  1. Parents/Guardians of successful applicants are to confirm enrollment by signing and returning an “Enrollment Confirmation Form and other necessary documents before the deadline stipulated on the Letter of Acceptance. This deadline is typically one week from the date of the Letter of Acceptance. 
  2. The School will then issue an invoice for the Admissions Deposit and Capital Contribution. Parents/Guardians have to make the payment before the due date stated on the invoice to secure the place. 
  3. Parents/Guardian requesting Financial Aid may submit the completed Financial Aid package upon receipt of the Acceptance Offer Letter from the school. Parents/Guardian may also submit their Financial Aid information request earlier to expedite the Financial Aid Review process and obtain an indicative amount that could be granted under our Financial Aid program.
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