International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) Middle School Festival

From Thursday, April 12 to Sunday, April 15, The ISF Academy opened its doors to host its first International Theatre Schools Association (ISTA) Middle School Festival. Eleven schools, from as far away as Russia and as close as Victoria Shanghai Academy, took part in workshops and experiences to help them grow as performers and artists. Over 150 students and 30 accompanying teachers worked with nine fantastic, experienced and exciting ISTA artists in order to explore the starting point for the festival—"Dreaming the Land".

DSC01175 DSC01241 Duloc Beach Jumpers


Dr. Pritchard opened the festival, telling the participants an engaging and enlightening story of the space we were in from Telegraph Bay to its latest incarnation as Cyberport and how important it is to respect and adapt with the land. We took the students to Repulse Bay, where they explored the local area and noted the differences between man-made and natural landscapes in order to inform their creative process. Upon returning to the campus, students worked in seven groups in order to workshop and respond to the experiences that they had.

This resulted on Sunday afternoon in a sharing of the work developed to an audience of parents and teachers. As students left the campus there were tears of joy, new friendships born and sparks flying in the young persons‘ creativity, which really link the intention for the Arts at The ISF Academy and the ISTA company focus—"to create, learn and inspire".

The IBDP G11 and G12 students will be attending a similar weekend of workshops in Singapore in September with a focus on the content of the IB Theatre course.

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