Fees & Tuition

The ISF Academy is a non-profit Private Independent School that receives no Government subsidies for its daily operations. School fees mainly support the high teacher student ratio and provide what The ISF Academy deems as the best education for its students. Tuition, however, only covers part of the cost of educating a student at The ISF Academy. The difference is made up through donations from parents and friends of The ISF Academy.


An Acceptance Deposit must be paid to secure a child’s placement. The deposit will be credited towards the total tuition. The Acceptance Deposit is non-refundable if the student decides at a later date not to attend the school.

Financial Aid applicants who submitted their Financial Aid Application after the Financial Aid Application Deadline are unlikely to receive a firm indication of the fee remission that they will be granted prior to receiving the Admissions Offer Letter. As such, they will need to pay the full Acceptance Deposit and contribute to the Capital Contribution Scheme. This will be reimbursed / credited to the student’s account if the application for financial aid is successful. Financial Aid applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to submit the complete set of required documents before the deadlines stated in the section on Financial Aid.


For the 2019-20 academic year, the Annual Tuition, payable in 10 equal installments via bank autopay, is as shown below. The first installment for new students is made as part of the Acceptance Deposit. Subsequent installments for new students, for those paying by bank autopay, will be made on the first bank working day of each month from October to June of the following year. The installments for existing students on bank autopay are made on the first bank working day of each month from September to June of the following year.

Primary School Foundation Year to Grade 5 HK$197,920*
Secondary School Grade 6 to 10 HK$229,950*
Grade 11 and 12 HK$249,970*

* Tuition Fees are non-refundable and subject to change for each new academic year.


The Capital Contribution Scheme has been established by The Independent Schools Foundation Limited (“Foundation”) to allow the Foundation to accumulate funds for new buildings and expensive equipment, enhancements to the school environment and major repairs/maintenance to buildings and plants. Each new student is required to pay a capital contribution on a “crossed” check payable to “The Independent Schools Foundation Limited” within the deadline stipulated on the Acceptance Letter in one of three ways described below.

The General Capital Levy

The General Capital Levy for the 2019-20 academic year is a one-off lump sum of HK$200,000. It is non-interest bearing, non-transferable and HK$100,000 of it is refundable (less any outstanding fees or costs incurred by the student) to the Contributor six years after the commencement date of the student’s first academic year in the school, or three months after the date on which the student ceases to study at any school operated by the Foundation, whichever date is the later. The remaining HK$100,000 is non-refundable.

With effect from the 2020-21 academic year, the General Capital Levy will no longer be an option available to new students. New students must participate in either the Annual Capital Levy option or purchase a Capital Note. Terms  and conditions for current students who hold a General Capital Levy in and/or before 2019-20 will continue unchanged.  

The Annual Capital Levy

The Annual Capital Levy for the 2019-20 academic year is HK$45,000 for the first year and HK$30,000 per year for second and subsequent years. It is non-interest bearing, non-transferable, and non-refundable and subject to annual adjustment at the discretion of the Foundation.

The Annual Capital Levy for the 2020-21 academic year is HK$40,000 for the first and subsequent years. It is non- interest bearing, non-transferable and non-refundable and subject to annual adjustment at the discretion of the Foundation.

The Capital Note

A Capital Note is non-interest bearing, non-refundable and fully transferable at any time one year after the date of issuance of the Capital Note Certificate or three months after the date on which the Nominee ceases to be a student of The ISF Academy/The ISF Pre-School, whichever is later.

The Foundation has decided to issue new Capital Notes with a face value of HK$7,000,000 each and they are now available for subscriptions. Acceptance of subscriptions is on a first-come-first served basis and is subject to the approval of the Foundation. The face value is subject to change for any further launches. Please email capcontribution@isf.edu.hk for enquiry. If you do not receive our reply within two working days, please contact the Foundation Secretariat Office at (852) 2235-4314 or (852) 2202-2092.

Interested parents/persons may also, if they so prefer, continue to purchase a Capital Note from current holders in the secondary market where the transfer price of the Capital Note will be determined by the Noteholder and the purchaser. All transfers of Capital Notes are subject to the approval of the Foundation. As different tranches of Capital Notes may contain varied Terms and Conditions, interested parents/persons are strongly recommended to refer to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated in the relevant Capital Note Agreement that has been entered into between the Noteholder and the Foundation before concluding the purchase of the Capital Note. Please contact the Foundation Secretariat Office if you have any questions.


  • Non-refundable application fee of HK$1,000

  • Experiential Learning Programs (ELP1 and ELP2) and overseas excursions

  • Co-Curricular Activities Course Fees for selected courses. Enrollments in these courses are optional

  • Grade 11 and 12 students: Textbooks, IB DP registration and subject fees.

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