Charles Kao Speaker Series


Charles Kao Speaker Series

The Charles Kao Speaker Series is devoted to honoring one of the Academy’s founders and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Charles Kao. The ISF Academy plays host to world-class speakers who are respected, sometimes even controversial, in their fields. These visionaries and authors of paradigm-shifting studies are passionate speakers who are ideally suited to inspire and motivate our Senior School students. The main lecture for the 2015–16 Academic Year was delivered by Dr. Wu Huiyi, the ISF-NRI Research Fellow. Apart from the main lecture, selected students had the opportunity to have lunch and a Q&A session with the speaker.

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Other guests who shared their insights with The ISF Academy Community in the 2015–16 Academic Year include:

Dr. Kevin Bateman: Senior Analytical Chemist at Merck & Co., Inc., recipient of the 2014 Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis (CPSA) Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award; Topic: “Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery”

Prof. Donald R. Blake: Chemistry Professor at the University of California, Irvine; Topic: “Atmospheric Methane—Local, Regional and Global Impacts” (as seen from NASA’s DC-8 airborne laboratory)

Dr. Tom Brown: Reader in the School of Physics & Astronomy, University of St. Andrews, expert in interdisciplinary applications of high energy lasers; Topic: “The Great and Small Work of Photonics”

Prof. Johannes M.M. Chan SC (Hon): Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong and its longest serving Dean of the Faculty of Law (2002–2014); Topic: “What Does the Future Hold for a Law Student in Hong Kong?”

Dr. Matthias Dörrzapf: Senior Tutor and Director of Studies in Mathematics at St. John’s College, Cambridge, Lecturer in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP); Topic: “The Risk Neutral World and How to Price Risk” (the Black-Scholes formula)

Prof. Robin Grimes: Professor of Materials Physics at Imperial College, London, Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Topic: “Crystal Defects”

Dr. Benoit Guénard: Assistant Professor at the School of Biological Sciences and leader of the Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong, the real “Ant Man”

Prof. István Horváth: internationally acclaimed expert in green chemistry, Chair Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Biology at the City University of Hong Kong; Topic: “Defining Sustainability”

Prof. Frederick C.C. Leung: Department of Biochemistry, the University of Hong Kong; Topic “Infectious Diseases—Microbial Pathogens and Protectors”

Prof. David Miller: the NASA Chief Technologist, the Jerome C. Hunsaker Professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. Topic: “The Case for and Preparations to Date for a Manned Mission to Mars by 2030”

Prof. Stephen Palumbi: Director of the Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, award-winning marine biologist, author of The Extreme Life of the Sea

Dr. Alan G. Smith: Emeritus Reader at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge; Topic: “Plate Tectonics: the Evidence” 

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