Chinese Language Education Research Centre


Chinese Language Education Research Centre

The ISF Academy has pioneered a unique approach to nurturing all-round and bilingual IB diploma graduates with a firm commitment to traditional Chinese culture. The Chinese Language Education Research Centre of Shuyuan aims to explore the major issues related to Chinese language teaching.

in a bilingual environment, conduct studies under uniform planning and management, and seek solutions to problems associated with biliteracy and biculturalism. The vision of the Centre is to create an atmosphere that encourages educational research in school and therefore further enhances the quality of teaching and learning at The ISF Academy. The educational research experiences and resources will also benefit the wider Chinese language education community.

The Chinese Language Education Research Centre is an educational research platform that combines on-campus teaching and external research. The Centre partners with top research institutes and scholars in examining education issues, publishing research outcomes and fostering academic exchange between mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Centre is currently conducting a research project on early childhood language development.

Research partners and participants of the Chinese Language Education Research Centre include internationally-renowned research institutes, such as the Faculty of Education (TESL) of the University of Hong Kong, the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology of Hong Kong Baptist University and the Needham Research Institute of the University of Cambridge.

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