Campus and School Development


The ISF Academy moved to its permanent campus in the tranquil and verdant setting of Pokfulam, in Hong Kong’s Southern District, in August 2007. The ISF Academy is a leader in excellent, innovative bilingual and bicultural Chinese-English education in Hong Kong and the campus, built on a 13,152 square-meter site on Kong Sin Wan Road, Pokfulam, has been designed to reflect and reinforce the school’s distinctive educational mission and approach. It is here where we offer the best independent education in Hong Kong, and the finest bilingual Chinese-English curriculum in the world.

The Pokfulam campus houses The ISF Academy’s Primary and Secondary Schools, while The ISF Pre-School is located on a separate campus in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


November 2018 marks the completion of the school’s Phase III extension works, covering the construction of the new Academic and Administration Block (‘A Block’), Center for Culture and Sports (‘C Block’), and the renovation of Charles Kao Square.

Opened in August 2018, the Shuyuan Molecular Biology Laboratory – often referred to as ‘a university-grade research laboratory’ – is equipped to conduct advanced scientific research projects on microbial plants and animal cells and to handle DNA and protein extraction analyses. ISF students have been engaging with molecular biotechnology since 2013. They have presented posters on research findings at international conferences, including the AGU International Conference, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Microbe conference, and World Equine Veterinary Association (WEVA) Congress, hoping to apply Molecular Biology to solve real-world problems, in fields such as medicine, food security and sustainability.

We have upgraded the centrally located Charles Kao Square, connecting The Clifford C. F. Wong Secondary Library and Xu Li Shan Hu Shuyuan Library in the Secondary Building, into a fully enclosed, air-conditioned, tastefully furnished, and multi-functional space for all members of the ISF Community.

In a mark of respect for the former ISF Principal, we created a memorial garden in C Block. The garden has been designed as a place of learning and research: it boasts over 20 different types of plants and shrubs that are either native or near native to Hong Kong; these plants are intended to attract native species of butterfly.


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