The 2016-18 ISF Academy Alumni Advisory Board

As the number of ISF Academy alumni has grown, it soon became apparent that alumni leadership was needed to move forward in building a strong ISF Academy alumni community.  Toward this end, an Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) was established to serve as advisors to ISF Academy Office of Alumni Relations. 

Because ISF alumni are currently in universities around the world, getting the AAB together on a regular basis is not possible so we meet a minimum of two times a year (August and December) and communicate via conference calls, SKYPE and emails with specific members about topics relevant to their experience as needed. Periodically, we send the AAB e-surveys on matters which require their input. 

The AAB is charged with considering appropriate ways to engage alumni in the life of the alumni community, suggesting programs and events of interest to its members and assisting in the planning regional events and communication with the members.  The AAB members serve two-year terms. 2016-18 AAB members includes:

From the Class of 2012:

Arthur Chan ’12, Eric Chan ’12, Jonathan Chow ’12, Elizabeth Ma ’12, and Frances Yu ’12

From the Class of 2013:

Charlotta Chan ’13, Emily Fung ’13 and Keith Mak ’13 

From the Class of 2014:

Kevin Chen ’14, Carl Mok ’14 and Karen Siu ’14

From the Class of 2015:

David Deng ’15, Keith Kam ’15 and Selene Yeung ‘15

From the Class of 2016:

Jiayi Chen ’16, Zoe Cheung ’16, Sean Fontaine ‘16 and Audrey Leung ’16

Alumni are encouraged to nominate prospective members or self-nominate if they have an interest in joining the AAB. Contact Office of Alumni Relations for more information about the selection process at alumni@isf.edu.hk,  (852) 2235-4441, or stop by the Office of Alumni Relations to express your interest in person.


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