The School Management Committee (SMC)

The School Management Committee (SMC) has the responsibility of ensuring that The ISF Academy operates in accordance with the policies set out by the Board of Governors, the School Plan, the Education Ordinance and other relevant Government regulations. It oversees, reviews and reformulates as necessary and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors concerning policy changes. It also oversees management of The ISF Academy and handles complaints and staff grievances. The SMC comprises representatives from parents, teachers, school administrators, the Hong Kong community and the Board of Governors.

School Supervisor & Chairman, School Management Committee:


Ms. Frances WONG

Mrs. CHENG Yu-Hwei
Dr. Rulin FUONG
Dr. Michael NG
Dr. Malcolm PRITCHARD (Head of School)
Mr. Peter WONG Hong-Yuen
Mr. Douglas WU
Mr. John YAN, S.C.
Mr. Robert SCHEER (Teacher Representative*)
Ms. Victoria LLOYD (Parent Representative for 2017-18*)
Mr. Eric TONG (Community Representative)
* New representatives are usually nominated in October/November of each year.
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