Professor Sir Charles K. Kao


                                           (1933 – 2018)

                  Nobel Laureate in Physics 2009

 Founding Chairman of the Independent Schools Foundation


The Sir Charles Kao Memorial Lecture 2019


Topic:        Dr. Suzanne Imber shared her incredible journey to becoming a planetary scientist and an astronaut                        candidate with ISF students. She encouraged students to see things in a bigger picture and develop                        more interests to achieve a balanced life. Please click the below button to view the full lecture video.



The founding Chairman of the Independent Schools Foundation, Professor Sir Charles Kao Kuen, passed away on September 23. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist, also known as the “Father of Fiber Optics”, brought his boundless intellect and his extraordinary life of world-shaping experience to the founding of The ISF Academy, a school that he aspired to be “tomorrow’s school, today”.






From inquisitive play with very young learners, through to the laboratory ponderings of post-doctoral fellows, Sir    Charles’ range of engagement with learning and learners knew no bounds. The ISF community continues to embrace the spirit and practice of his motto – Learning! Learning! Learning! – with open hearts and minds.








   Sir Charles’ mission, to inspire children to love learning,     will remain as an enduring legacy of his contribution           to education; his love of children and desire to nurture       their curiosity continues to resonate. He had deep        faith in the perfectibility of each learner, seeing        education as a process of growth, experimentation and      change – a journey of wonder and discovery.







The unshakable faith Sir Charles placed in the power of experiential learning for future generations of Hong Kong children will inspire and sustain the vision and practice of education at The ISF Academy well into the future.





                      Ever the visionary, Sir Charles shared his dreams with us and changed the world.




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