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Primary School Curriculum

During the six-year span from Foundation Year to Grade 5, The ISF Academy Primary School aims to cultivates in its students a passion for learning and respect for others. Our guiding principles are:

  • to help students achieve native-level fluency in Putonghua and English;
  • to motivate students to learn, create, and act upon personal initiatives;
  • to inculcate in our students an appreciation for Chinese culture and Chinese values;
  • to equip students with the ability to observe, reflect, and formulate questions;
  • to provide opportunities to practice democratic leadership and harmonious teamwork; and
  • to build students’ respect for other people, other cultures, and the environment.


  • Deeply rooted in Chinese Culture and Values - Chinese traditional values, updated to be globally relevant, are imparted to all students. Please refer to the section on Vision, Mission, and Values for our Eight Virtues + One;
  • Bilingual Immersion Program - Please refer to the section on Putonghua and English Mastery under Academics;
  • Comprehensive Guidance Program - Homeroom teachers; Level Heads; Head of Student Development; the Assistant Principal of Lower Primary; the Deputy Principal of Upper Primary; the Primary Principal; the School Counselor; the Educational Psychologist; and the Student Guidance Officer provide comprehensive leadership, guidance, and support to our students; and
  • Student Development – Please refer to the Student Development section.


The curriculum at The ISF Academy is rooted in four fundamental ideas:

  • Achieving fluency in Putonghua and English;
  • Stimulating a passion for lifelong learning; 
  • Fostering a strong learning collaborative community where talents and interests are respected and nurtured; and
  • Learning through rich personal experience.

The ISF Academy draws on the best educational practices from around the world to achieve our curriculum goals.

Foundation Year to Grade 5 Curriculum


Chinese Language Chinese (Putonghua) Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan
English Language English United Kingdom and United States
Mathematics Chinese (Putonghua): FY* to Grade 5 Hong Kong and Taiwan
English: FY* to Grade 5 United States
Guided Discovery (GD) Chinese (Putonghua): FY* to Grade 5 Hong Kong, Taiwan, and United States
English: Grade 3 to 5
Information Technology Chinese (Putonghua): FY* to Grade 2 United States
English: Grade 3 to 5
Wushu Chinese (Putonghua) Mainland China
Physical Education Chinese (Putonghua) Hong Kong and United Kingdom
Moral Education Chinese (Putonghua) Hong Kong
Dance / Drama Chinese (Putonghua) Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan
Music Chinese (Putonghua): FY* to Grade 3 Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan
English: Grade 4 and 5 International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme® Music Scope and Sequence
Visual Art Chinese (Putonghua): FY* to Grade 2 Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan
English: Grade 3 to 5 Canada


Experiential Learning Program (ELP)

Experiential Learning is a vital cornerstone of life at The ISF Academy. All students in Grade 4 and Grade 5 participate in this carefully sequenced program that promotes learning skills in critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, collaboration, global citizenship, service and communication. Our students gain real-world experience that is connected to academic studies through The ISF Academy Eight Virtues + One. The experiential learning outcomes complement and enrich classroom learning.

Two Experiential Learning Programs (ELP1 and ELP2) are held each year.

Experiential Learning Program 1 (ELP1): Outdoor Adventure

ELP1 allows our students to develop leadership skills, resilience, courage, cooperation, tolerance, problem solving abilities, and physical endurance. The experiential learning activities focus on a range of characteristics and attributes drawn from our vision, mission, and values statements, as well as sources such as the IB Learner Profile, including: cooperation, communication, creative thinking, responsibility, respect, independence, curiosity, commitment, enthusiasm, tolerance, and empathy. Our students have opportunities to show their creativity, learn more about our environment, and discover how we can help protect Hong Kong’s environment and the world’s natural gifts. One of the most positive outcomes of experiential learning is the strengthening of the bonds between the different members of our learning community. ELP participants enjoy memorable shared experiences that cannot be created in the classroom.

Experiential Learning Program 2 (ELP2):  Chinese Humanities

Providing developmentally appropriate and sequential learning opportunities immersed in Chinese culture and closely linked to The ISF Academy's school-based Chinese Humanities curriculum. ELP2 trips are designed to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom. ELP themes include but are not limited to valuing diversity, respect for self, others and the environment, ability to take well-considered risks, a commitment to social justice, and service to the community.

Grade ELP1 Destination ELP2 Destination
4 Hong Kong Guangzhou
5 Hong Kong Taiwan
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