Guided Discovery (GD)

The curriculum is designed with reference to the Grade 1 to 9 Curriculum Guidelines:  Life Curriculum, Social Studies, Integrative Activities, Science and Technology (Ministry of Education, Taiwan), General Studies for Primary Schools Curriculum Guide Primary 1-6 (Curriculum Development Council, Hong Kong, 2011) and the National Science Education Standards (National Research Council, United States).

From Foundation Year to Grade 2, the Guided Discovery instruction is delivered in Chinese; from Grade 3 to Grade 5, it is delivered in Chinese and English, covering different topics.

The thematic approach of Guided Discovery allows students to become familiar with a particular subject over 6-8 week periods. Teachers act as facilitators to stimulate students' curiosity and to encourage self-exploration of key concepts and ideas. Students learn to work in teams to frame issues, solve problems, and present their discoveries and insights with pride of ownership. Research and discussions in different languages allow students to understand methods, points of view, and advances in both Western and Chinese cultures.

Examples of Guided Discovery projects include:

  • Building tents to withstand Arctic conditions
  • Designing robots for a rescue mission in a simulated avalanche
  • Creating environmentally friendly houses for people in tropical zones
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