Information Technology

Technology plays an integral role in society and learning specifically when it is used as a tool to augment and enhance learning experiences. From Foundation to Grade 5, students are immersed in a range of technology-focused learning opportunities which complement and transform these experiences. They explicitly learn new ways to utilize technology to create, represent, investigate, problem-solve, understand, communicate and collaborate throughout this process. Teachers create a range of opportunities for students to explore, apply and extend ICT skills and knowledge in dedicated Information Technology (IT) classes (G1 to G5) and all other subject areas.

Students are required to, and supported in, thinking critically and creatively as they analyze, validate the information and solve real-life problems within their learning environment and the local community. Teachers promote positive interactions, online and in person, as Digital Agents and encourage students to display empathy and kindness when using digital tools to support learning and collaboration. Students also practice safe and ethical protocols when using technology as they develop a healthy and responsible approach on their journey to become competent digital citizens now into the future.

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