Putonghua and English Mastery

The core of our learning programs is bilingual mastery for our students who come from both Chinese and non-Chinese speaking homes. Biligual immersion at our school is managed and led by experts in the field of bilingual education. Our philosophy is that all teachers are language teachers – for example, a Mathematics teacher teaching in English is both a Mathematics teacher and an English teacher. All teachers undergo the necessary training to equip them to teach in this environment.

We emphasize mastery of written and spoken Putonghua in Foundation Year to Grade 5, gradually shifting the balance over the years to favor English commencing in Grade 6. As a bilingual immersion school, we strive to have equal representation of both languages and cultures in assemblies, activities, and our awards program. All students are encouraged to work, learn, and play together using the primary language emphasized within their year. We aim for mastery in both languages by upper secondary, backed by a deep appreciation for Chinese and other civilizations.

Language and Curriculum by Grade


  Grade Language Emphasis* Curriculum
Putonghua English

Primary School

Foundation Year to
Grade 2

70% 30% The ISF Academy Primary Curriculum
Grade 3 60% 40%
Grade 4 and 5 50% 50%
Secondary School Grade 6
to 8
30% 70%

Authorized School for International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme® (IB MYP)

Grade 9 and 10 20% 80%
Grade 11
and 12

Language ratio subject to individual student's subject selection

Authorized School for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme® (IB DP)

* Percentages presented above are approximations.


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