Health and Social Education

Each class is assigned a Homeroom/Advisory Teacher who meets with his/her group once every week in addition to having this group in an academic class. Moral, civic and environmental issues are discussed, and personal growth lessons are taught using real life examples.


Recognizing the need for students to have more autonomy and to have their own sense of place and belonging, the Secondary School has created five Houses named after the five Chinese elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. At the beginning of the school year, students are assigned a house to which they  belong until they graduate from The ISF Academy. 

In each House:

  • students create their own community within the larger community of the school;
  • students form a House Council and have leadership and mentoring responsibilities;  and
  • students coordinate and organize House activities such as Inter-House competitions, excursions and SDP in the Secondary School projects.

Each House mentors Primary School students and each House is guided by a House Mentor chosen from the faculty. The language of the House is Putonghua.

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