Throughout the five years of the MYP Mathematics program, students cover concepts and terminology within four major units of investigation linked to the following core branches of Mathematics: Number, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Statistics and Probability. Students are asked to select and apply mathematics to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations in a variety of contexts. Working through investigations encourages students to become risk-takers, inquirers and critical thinkers. Students are expected to use appropriate mathematical language and different forms of representation when communicating mathematical ideas, reasoning and findings, both orally and in writing. Students are expected to transfer theoretical mathematical knowledge into real-world situations and apply appropriate problem-solving strategies, draw valid conclusions and reflect upon their results.

In Grades 6–8 Mathematics classes are not leveled. Students in Grade 9 are grouped according to their MYP Mathematics assessment level in Standard Level Mathematics or Extended Mathematics. The decision on which level to register each student for Mathematics is based on the student’s demonstrated ability, as well as their Commitment to Learning and aspirations with regard to DP and university education. This decision is made in consultation with students and parents.

Unless the teacher, in consultation with the family, feels that a change is necessary, students in Grade 10 are grouped in Mathematics according to their Grade 9 Mathematics assignment. Students being assessed at MYP Extended Mathematics level are expected to be able to apply their knowledge to challenging Mathematics problems and to have an in-depth knowledge of concepts not assessed in MYP Mathematics.


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