The year is divided into three modules in which concepts are expressed with more sophistication as the semester progresses.  Here is a sample year’s content:

  • Module 1:  Move it – Animation; button-driven sequences; branching structures. This module progresses from animating a bouncing ball to a simple menu-driven interface to a story or presentation.
  • Module 2:  Sprites, puppets and messages. Detailed control or graphics in Director. Collision-detection in Director. Advanced branching structures. This module introduces more sophisticated interface concepts and integrates the use of sound.
  • Module 3:  Artificial Intelligence. Text and Fields, editing user-input, testing variables. This module allows students to program “forms” in Director, the basis for developing interactive quizzes, text searches, mathematical calculations and more flexible projects.

The remainder of the years is spent on a final project intended to integrate all of the skills students have developed through the year.

The curriculum is also dedicated to interdisciplinary projects where students are “turned loose” to use all media production techniques at their disposal to craft presentations that stand alone or support work in other classes.

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