Global Politics

Global Politics is a two-year course focusing on questions of power, sovereignty, legitimacy, and human rights. Student will study these concepts through a bilingual and bicultural learning model with half of the classes delivered in Putonghua and half in English. Students will be encouraged to develop and defend their own viewpoints, think deeply, question and debate, and to consider these fundamental concepts from different perspectives.

Students will explore questions like “What are the different types of power?”, “How do governments gain legitimacy?”, “What is ‘state sovereignty’ and what are the challenges to it?”, “Are human rights inalienable?”, and “What do we mean by ‘peace’, ‘conflict’ and ‘violence’?”.

This course would suit a student who enjoys thinking about and discussing questions of right and wrong, and who is interested in the world around them. It will touch on the aspects of history, geography, economics and philosophy, centering on the relationship of individuals with those who govern them.

As well as helping students prepare for the related IB Diploma level subjects, Global Politics will also be of benefit to students who are considering studying history or social science at university. By introducing students to important political ideas and key thinkers and texts, the course will better equip those who are interested in applying to the world’s top institutions.

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