Shuyuan Classics Program

The Shuyuan Classics Program offers a wide range of opportunities for our students to connect with the foundations of Chinese and Western cultures through the study of classical artifacts, texts, and languages. The ultimate aim of the program is to give students the opportunity to create intellectual, moral, and cultural frameworks within which to function effectively as bilingual and bicultural citizens in a globalizing world.

Original works are studied in Chinese Classics courses. Translated Greek and Latin works are studied in the Western Classics courses. In addition, language courses in Latin and Ancient Greek are offered, where texts are studied in the original language.

Apart from the obvious curricular links to the various language and humanities subjects offered by the regular curriculum, the content and methodology of the program encourages deep, thoughtful, and rigorous scholarship. As the program continues to develop and becomes part of the rich and rewarding curriculum offered by The ISF Academy, students will bring additional knowledge and skills concerning classical languages, literature, and culture to other subjects.

Chinese Classics

Western Classics

Latin & Ancient Greek


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