Shuyuan Science and Discovery Program

Re-established in the late Qing dynasty, the classical Shuyuan was reimaged as an institute for the teaching of modern Western science and technology and was widely implemented throughout China. The Shuyuan Science and Discovery Program addresses the fundamental connection between humans and their environment and offers a variety of opportunities and extension activities within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) framework. Selected ISF Academy students are given opportunities for additional scientific research, exploration beyond the classroom and knowledge exchange with leading researchers in Hong Kong and abroad. Ongoing programs include: the Needham Research Institute’s summer program at the University of Cambridge, student research posters at international scientific conferences; and internships at companies and universities. In addition, the program is developing rigorous land-based and underwater robotics curricula, as well as various additional theoretical and applied topics to be covered on the Big Learning Day. The fundamental goal of the Shuyuan Science and Discovery Program is to promote scientific literacy and leadership skills within the ISF Academy student body.


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