Sports - 2015/16

Congratulations to the ISF Academy Wushu Team, who performed extremely well in Hong Kong New Talent Wushu Championship held at the Kowloon Park Sports Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 21 and 22. Students from G1–5 took part in various events, ranging from tai chi chuan﹙太極拳﹚ to sword, chang quan ﹙長拳﹚to spear. Despite fierce competition, the ISF Academy Wushu Team members managed to finish in top five positions in many of the events. Details of the results can be found in the link provided in the “Students Achievements in the Past Fortnight” section on p. 10.


DSC_8514 拷貝 DSC_8572 拷貝
IMG_2075 拷貝


“Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: a desire, a dream, a vision.”—Muhammad Ali

In a week in which the legacy of one of sport’s great champions has been celebrated, the ISF U12 Football Team emerged as heavyweights at the International Schools Sports Federation Hong Kong (ISSFHK) Championships. The team came out of the corner in the semi-finals against the strong King George V (KGV). Thanks to the two goals from Ethan Tsang and Liam Kilmer, as well as a knock-out blow by Tristan Tsang, the team was one step closer to become the champion, with a 5–1 win over KGV.

football01 football02

The Academy played against the mighty Singapore International School (SIS) in the final. The team soaked up pressure, jabbing at the SIS defence and finding a way through as Tristan put us a goal ahead. SIS came back swinging and levelled the match, taking it to overtime. With neither side landing further blows, the game went to penalties. The ISF heavyweights held their nerve and scored every penalty to fulfil their desire, realize their dream and accomplish their vision: they became champions.

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