Food Drive

Food Drive


It is often the case that we judge ourselves and others on what is important and valued. We feel a close connection with those who treasure the same things. We could also take the opposing view: what we discard says a lot about us as well. It is possible that our waste – those things we have no further use for, or which are surplus to our needs – can act as an important marker of values and attitudes.

During our ‘food drive’, we made an attempt to draw attention to our habits and practices surrounding one particular form of waste – waste food.

In the end, we donated over 18,000 kg of food. There is a well-known expression we are what we eat, which reflects the idea that we become what we consume. In considering how our choices and values shape what we throw away, perhaps we might also say that we are what we discard.

For more information about Food Drive, please watch the video at: Shuyuan Science Food Drive

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