The Independent Schools Foundation Education Endowment Fund

The ISF Education Endowment Fund was established in 2014 to support learning programs that will sustain The Academy as a global leader in bilingual education. The Education Endowment Fund was launched at the Academy’s annual 2014 fundraiser (The Jam) and has to date raised HK$8.9million. The Fund is overseen by The Foundation’s Board of Governors. The Education Endowment Fund requires that all sums donated are retained, with only income generated from the Endowment Fund available for disbursement to board-approved educational purposes/programs.

We will provide regular reports to the ISF community on progress achieved in those programs supported by the Education Endowment Fund.

The Education Endowment Fund was established for the purpose of sustaining our school as a vibrant, world-class educational institution over the long-term. Many of the world’s best schools have endowment funds, founded through the generosity of donors, which enable the school to stay at the forefront of education through the funding of key innovations and programs. It is our aspiration that the Education Endowment Fund will play a similar, strategically important role in shaping the future development of our school. 

Please contact Ms. Mimi Yeung at the Development Office (myeung@isf.edu.hk) for additional information or to make a contribution to the Endowment Fund.

Please support our students through donations to the Fund. Your generosity will help them make a difference in the community, Hong Kong, and the world……

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