Student Achievements


By combining the two characters 中 zhong (meaning middle/center) and 心 xin (meaning heart) we get the character 忠 zhong (meaning commitment).

Where do I center myself?  Where do I put my heart?  Before any of us can achieve excellence we must first answer these two questions.  Thus, it’s no coincidence that the first character in The ISF Academy’s Eight Virtues + One is 忠, for without 忠 success is impossible.

The students in this booklet have all demonstrated 忠 to themselves, their families, their communities and to their school.  They have decided that there are some things worth striving for and serve as role models to us all.

The diversity of achievement celebrated in these pages further attests to the success of The ISF Academy in providing opportunities for students to grow according to their individual strengths and goals.  I salute and congratulate each and every one of these Achievers and encourage all students to work towards adding their names to next year’s booklet.



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