Student Development in the Primary School

Student Development in the Primary School consists of four main components: 

  • Student Independence and Leadership;
  • Five Dimensions of Learning;
  • Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs); and
  • Experiential Learning Programs (ELP) and Field Trips. Please refer to the section in Primary School for more information on our ELP.


Our students take responsibility for their own behavior and development. From Foundation Year to Grade 5, students are progressively given more autonomy. They hold positions of leadership within their own class and their grade level. Homeroom teachers work with students to create a class and school culture that ensures that the Eight Virtues + One of The ISF Academy become part of our students’ daily lives.

The Primary School Student Council is the heart of student participation in leadership. It is the most representative student organization in the Primary School because it engages, serves and is selected by all students.

Members of the Council are elected from the upper grades in Primary School through an annual election campaign and ballot; each member is expected to exhibit academic and leadership abilities and must also embody and practice the Eight Virtues + One. Council members model respect, support, and cooperation in all their interactions with adults and students alike. They are leaders for positive change and promote ideas, projects, and activities that form an essential part of the Primary School.


The Philosophy underlying the Five Dimensions of Learning reflects the core values of The ISF Academy, as well as learning based on the notion of multiple intelligences and holistic child development. Embedded in the Five Dimensions of Learning are traditional Chinese values of education that focus on the students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic development.

All courses are offered during regular school hours and are an integral part of the Primary School curriculum. Our students are given opportunities to develop positive values and attitudes and to enrich their experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. Learning is promoted through various subjects in the school curriculum as well as designated time for specific courses such as Chinese Art, Dance, Drama / Musical Theater, Information Technology, Leadership, Music, Speech and Communication, and Wushu. The program provides students with knowledge, skills and experience beyond the academic program. This helps to prepare Primary School students to meet the demands of learning in the Secondary School.


Our Co-Curricular Activity Program (CCA) gives our Foundation Year to Grade 5 students the opportunity to develop their personalities by participating and acquiring proficiency in activities which are outside the normal curriculum of the school.  Choice of these after-school activities, that are held every weekday, is extensive. Some are designed to promote students' social skills, creativity, critical thinking and study skills along with their interest and talents, while others provide a platform for character development and leadership training.  As students mature, we encourage them to focus on one or two areas as they continue to develop their passion in their chosen field with the aim of achieving excellence outside the classroom.

Primary CCA 
Abacus Art and Craft Athletics Badminton
Basketball Chess Chinese Art Chinese Coral Speaking
Chinese Dance Chinese Drum Group Chinese Music Ensemble Chinese Zhuyin
Choir Drama Engineering and Robotics English Creative Writing
English Speech and Debate Football Guzheng Gymnastics
Junior Concert Band Math Team Netball  Orchestra
Outdoor Exploration Society Science and Discovery Squash Swimming
Table Tennis Tennis Volleyball Wushu



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