Student Development in the Secondary School

Student development in the Secondary School is divided into seven main components:

  • Student Leadership and the Ling Xiu(領袖)Team;
  • House;
  • Middle School Homeroom;
  • Senior School Tutoring Program;
  • Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Program;
  • The IB Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Programme®; and
  • Experiential Learning Programs (ELP) and Field Trips. Please refer to the section in Secondary School for more information on our ELP.


Our secondary school student leaders are known as Ling Xiu(領袖)and they organize the many student events that take place during the academic year. They also extend their sphere of influence as role models to other ISF Academy students, seeking to inspire, instruct, and guide in their final years of study. 

All students in Secondary School are eligible to run for a Ling Xiu position and election campaigns are held annually. The Secondary School Ling Xiu(領袖)Team comprises of twelve elected student representatives from Grade 7 to 12. Led by two Zong Ling Xiu(總領袖)and two Fu Ling Xiu(副領袖), the team is the link between students and faculty. They represent secondary student voices within the school community.

There are also other leadership opportunities within the Secondary School.  As students mature, they are increasingly given opportunities to run their own clubs with guidance from their teachers and to take an active leadership role in the school.  They are therefore expected to take on more responsibility and challenge themselves.  In addition, the House structure provides students with another focus for vertical leadership through the positions of Vice Captain and House officers.

Students at all grade levels may also act as School ambassadors at public events.


All students are assigned a House (社) upon enrollment in the Secondary School. Students remain in one of these five Houses, named after the five Chinese elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, until they graduate from the school. As a small group within the larger school community, the House provides each student with a secure base and a focus of loyalty within the larger school. It also fosters pride, responsibility, and respect for the contributions from others as Inter-House activities promote healthy competition, based on the philosophy of inclusion and team work. House points accumulated throughout the year from the various activities produce a winning House each year. 

Each House has its own House leadership team led by a House Captain (part of the Ling Xiu Team) and Vice Captain from the more senior grades, and supported by House Officers from each grade level. These House leaders are responsible for coordinating and organizing a wide range of House activities that build House spirit and unity.


The Secondary Middle School works in partnership with families to promote and enhance student’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development. Guided by our vision, mission, and core values of Eight Virtues + One, we support students’ development through Middle School Homeroom Programs, student leadership opportunities (Ling Xiu), service learning, as well as activities such as Experiential Learning Programs (ELP), field trips, and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

Homeroom teachers are the most important link in the Middle School Homeroom Program as they are the key point of contact between the school and each student and student's parents. They guide and support students’ academic learning and wholistic development, and they engage other teachers and counselors as appropriate to ensure that the students’ personal, social, and academic needs are met.


The Senior School Tutoring Program provides opportunities for students to develop as independent, resilient, and responsible individuals as part of their four-year journey to higher education. Upon entry into the senior school, each student is assigned a House Tutor, who is also a subject teacher, and remains with the same House Tutor for the duration of senior school life. The Senior School Tutor Program thus groups students across the four grades and this vertical structure allows the tutor to develop a very close rapport with the student providing strong and consistent support for academic excellence and better preparation for university admission.


Our CCA Program strives to bring together students, teachers and the community to undertake activities that encourage a lifelong love of learning. CCA is an umbrella term for all ISF Academy after-school activities in creative, academic, sporting, and service fields. It also connects directly with the Global Contexts element of the IB Middle Years Programme® and the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) element of the IB Diploma Programme® (See section below).

All secondary students are expected to participate in at least one CAS/CCA activity per academic year.  In addition, Grade 9 and 10 students must participate in at least one service activity, in addition to any other CCA activities.

Secondary CCA
A Cappella Groups Amnesty International Athletics Battle of the Books
Band, Orchestra, Chinese Ensemble, Choir, Cast, and Crew Badminton Basketball
Chess Chinese Art Chinese Dance Computer Coding
Drama English Creative Writing English Speech and Debate  Football
Gifted and Talented Lecture Series Global Connections – Cambodia Global Issues Network Guzheng
Gymnastics Habitat for Humanity HK Animals Asia Local Connections
Mathematics Team Media and Communications Model United Nations Outdoor Exploration Society
Netball Po Leung Kuk Elder Centre Po Leung Kuk English Tutoring Putonghua (Classical Chinese)
Robotics Room to Read Sailing Squash
S.T.E.M. Swimming Table Tennis  Tennis
Strength and Fitness Yearbook Volleyball Wushu



As an IB World School, the Secondary School organizes its CCA Program under the umbrella of Creativity, Action, and Service. Students are able to choose from the arts groups (Creativity), competitive sports (Action), and volunteer organizations (Service), as well as clubs and much more.

Grade 11 and 12 students may participate in the CCA Program to meet the learning outcomes of the IB CAS Programme® or start their own student-led clubs and activities, such as The ISF Academy student-led Green Guardians.

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