The School Logo

The School Logo

School Logo PortraitThe logo was first sketched out from, and is intended to represent, the Chinese character "立", using the Chinese and English names of the school as the bottom line of the character.  The design evolved to encompass certain concepts which are the tenets of the school culture.

The blue part of the logo could look like a budding flower, a child with open arms, or whatever else one may see when one looks with both his mind and his heart.  It is almost a circle, with an incomplete circumference.  The person looking at it can choose to complete the circle with imaginary curves, or leave the circle open.  The blue parts look like they could break out of the boundaries that may or may not be there.  All the blue parts are of different sizes and shapes, symbolizing diversity, and tolerance of imperfection.  It was a deliberate decision to have an asymmetrical design.  The areas of the blue parts do not add up to the total area of the completed circle – symbolic of the parts working together to make a whole much greater and closer to perfection.  The blue shape on the very top of the logo can be seen as the flame of a candle, a light for the world, or simply an idea, an act, or whatever else that may lead the budding youth to reach beyond his world.  It actually protrudes out of the circle.

There are three intersecting arcs that are white.  Together they form the core of the design, symbolizing the intertwined relationships among several threesomes:-

  • humility, humanity, and humor – the habits of mind of every educated person;
  • respect, responsibility, and safety – the rules for all behaviors of a civilized community; and
  • students, teachers, and parents – the three components of a learning community

The colour brown was chosen for Chinese and English names of the school, brown being the colour of earth or the ground – with our feet on the ground now, we shall take flight one day to create a better world.

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