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Welcome to University Guidance and Careers

University Guidance and Careers (UGC)  works as an integral part of the Secondary School, alongside the  MYP/DP programmes to prepare our students to fully engage in lifelong success. One tool is the UGC curriculum, a series of life and college preparation seminars which are required for Grades 9 through 12. These courses aim to develop skills, self awareness and preparation for the application and transition to university. Our goal is to empower students to take the lead in the university application process. A group of experienced college counselors with global expertise working with Heads of House and  Tutors support the student-centered university search and application process. On-going parent workshops, extensive resources and meetings are available to every family throughout Secondary School and particularly in the final the four years of secondary. The UGC process informs and supports families through the transition to university, serving as a bridge to postgraduate opportunities. Our end goal is for each Grade 12 student to have quality university choices including an excellent match. 100% matriculation for the class is our standard.


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2. Due to the Coronavirus situation and the closure of school all university visits are cancelled until further notice. Thank you. UGC team.




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