Welcome: Beginnings and Buildings

Welcome: Beginnings and Buildings

August 11, 2017

To each member of The ISF Academy community, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to the 2017-18 Academic Year at ISF!

At the start of our fifteenth year as an educational institution, we have much to look forward to over the coming months, most notably the opportunity to use the new facilities that have been under construction in Kong Sin Wan for more than two years. While progress on our new buildings has been steady, however, the fine, detailed finishing now underway is not yet complete. The building closest to the main entrance, C Block, has been granted nearly all of the required permits and certificates, but still must be registered by the Education Bureau before it can be used by students. The building located adjacent to the Secondary School, A Block, is not as advanced and will still require two to three months for completion and registration.

During the summer, members of the Class of 2017 endured a nerve-wracking wait before receiving their official IB Diploma results in early July. As in previous years, as a non-selective school with all senior students sitting for the IB Diploma, our students acquitted themselves with distinction. Our students all received the IB Diploma, three quarters were awarded the bilingual diploma, and even the lowest score exceeded the world average score of 30 points. Our students, supported by their committed teachers and parents, have again achieved a remarkable set of results that are world class. They will now go on to study at world class institutions, such as the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and Brown University, an Ivy League institution in the United States. For those who may have missed the summary of results, please click here.

Over the past week, we have been inducting new members of faculty and staff, who have travelled to Hong Kong from all corners of the globe to join our staff team. They are looking forward to the start of term with heightened anticipation and some tension! Some new students will also join The ISF Academy in the coming week. Around half of our incoming Foundation Year have not been a part of the ISF community in the past. At other grades levels, new students will join us from schools in Hong Kong and abroad. These young learners are also no doubt excited and nervous about the start of the new year. We wish to extend a warm ISF welcome to each new student. We extend a similarly warm and friendly welcome to these new members of our parent community and encourage each to consider the ways in which they might serve our learning community through personal engagement and contribution.

In a year when we will no doubt spend some time reflecting on our own history and future aspirations, including the promulgation of a new five-year strategic plan, the principles, values, and ideals on which our school was founded in the first years of the 21st century remain the driving force behind our development and daily work. At a time of considerable uncertainty in Hong Kong particularly, we are firm in our commitment to educate young citizens who are responsible, contributing citizens, both locally and globally. Please join with us in supporting the work of the Academy this year!

Dr. Malcolm Pritchard
Head of School

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