Secondary Library

Library Regulations




  • Users are expected to maintain a quiet and courteous atmosphere and respect the rules of the Academy and the library.
  • Please respect the rights of all patrons to a quiet and productive environment.
  • Food and drinks (except water) are prohibited in the library.
  • Please return materials to where they belong. If you cannot remember where a book is supposed to be placed, please leave it on top of the shelf for us to reshelve properly.
  • Stylish and functional tables, chairs, and couches help make our libraries a wonderful, inviting place to visit. Please help us preserve and take care of our furniture.
Type of Material Loan Period Maximum Renewal Period Loan Quota
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Back issues (Magazines)
14 days 42 days  Students: 7 items
Parents: 10 items


.All games and chess should be returned by 4:30 p.m. on the same day.
.Students may borrow up to 8 items for each printed material category during holiday breaks of one week or more.


  • Computer use in the library is for curriculum-related activities only. Students are expected to follow the ICT guidelines of the Academy.
  • Library computers are loaded with all software necessary for school-related work and projects. Students should not install personal software (including games, programs,etc.)  or alter system settings.
  • Laptops are used for school-related activities only. Games, online chat and personal emails are prohibited.
  • Students should not play games, send personal emails or chat online at any time.
  • Students must take good care of library computers and report to the library staff at once should there be any problems or errors.