Learning ELP


Purpose of Establishment

The Chinese Cultural Center (CCC) aims to promote Chinese traditional culture at the Academy, broaden students’ global horizon, uphold the school’s core values ​​of the Eight Virtues + One, and act as a powerful bridge for students and all members of the community to study and explore Chinese culture. CCC serves under the school’s overall philosophy and instructional planning and design. It is an extension and supplement to Chinese teaching in the primary and secondary schools. It is not only a place for students to study Chinese humanities and other subjects, but also a platform for the Academy and community members to further enhance academic cultural exchange and strengthen social connections.


  • Enrich community life
  • Explore cultural depth
  • Encourage lifelong learning
  • Promote exchange of ideas


  • Hold special lectures and workshops on Chinese culture  ̶  “Qilin Cultural Lecture Hall
  • Organize Chinese culture courses and a variety of arts and cultural performances
  • Organize internal and external competitions on Chinese culture, including calligraphy and painting, recitation, poetry writing, dragon and lion dance activities, dragon boat racing competitions, etc.
  • Host reading clubs, movie clubs and guided cultural appreciation activities with the participation of teachers, students and parents
  • Organize various cultural exhibitions and activities involving teachers, students and parents