Learning Support

The Learning Support program aims to help all students achieve success in school and to develop holistically into global citizens who are independent and deeply rooted in Chinese culture. “Learning”, in this context, covers personal, social, emotional, intellectual, moral, and spiritual areas.

The Academy employs a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to provide comprehensive learning support services for students from Foundation Year to Grade 12 in our community. The Learning Support Team (LST) promotes learning diversity and believes that all students can be successful when provided with the appropriate support for their individual needs. In both Primary and Secondary Schools, there are learning support and enrichment specialists who offer differentiated instructional programs for students with diverse learning styles and strengths. LST consists of Clinical and Educational Psychologists, Guidance Counselors, a Social Worker, a Student Guidance Officer, and School Nurses. They work together with teachers and parents to enhance students’ physical, social, emotional and academic development through a wide range of counseling and learning support initiatives.  Walk-in chat room sessions are available to any student who may wish to share his/her feelings, thoughts, or concerns with a counselor in a safe place. LST also offers a variety of social groups, learning strategies workshops for parents and students, and after-school programs that foster life skills and boosts self-esteem.

To ensure the teaching of developmentally appropriate student competencies for all students, LST coordinates and facilitates moral education programs that embrace the Academy’s core values, The Eight Virtues + One. LST collaborates with key stakeholders and assists both Primary and Secondary Schools to implement student development and well-being programs. In addition, LST takes the lead in providing professional development for faculty and community on creating inclusive classrooms for all students, supporting students’ social and emotional development, as well as first aid training. LST values home school partnership and provides support for parents with professional consultation services, parent education, and parenting support groups.