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Aug 26, 2022 08:00

What a wondrous sight and start to the 2022-23 Academic Year! It was everything we wished for after consecutive years of disruption, to welcome all of our students and faculty members on campus from the very first day of school. Our Mascot Qilin had to be there to mark such a cherished occasion to greet our beloved community members in person!

The campus was full of life, exciting scenes, voices and noises – cheers, laughter, shouts, claps, screams, singing, dancing, hopping, hugs and waves. After two months apart, students were longing to reunite with friends.  We were touched by their affection for our faculty too as students gestured dramatically across the Auditorium to make sure to be seen by their favorite teachers! Our enthusiastic students and newcomers alike, needed no warm up and settled into the routine right away.

We were pleased to see our newly renovated and refreshed facilities in good use and service. The newly fitted Primary Library remained popular with our young readers; The S. K. & Margaret Wong Gymnasium hosted Grade 6 students in team building and induction games; the enclosed ISF Gallery sheltered our children while they traversed for classes and lunch. Some of the Secondary grade level assemblies took place in the swanky interiors of the Exhibition Foyer while breaks spanned the B2 – B4 floors of redesigned social spaces.

The “perfect” timing of weather allowed us to complete two full days of commencement ceremonies, assemblies, orientation and admissions activities before a brisk storm. These programs were pivotal and meaningful to set off the year with the right reflections and directions.

At the Primary Commencement Ceremonies on August 23, Dr. Malcolm Pritchard, Head of School, was happy to see a show of hands of many students who traveled to popular destinations around the globe during summer. Ms. Shan Ning, Primary Principal, said the holiday was well-deserved by all students who had tried very hard in the past year to learn and grow. Together, they reminded students to treasure every moment, experience and step in learning; to share the learning to inspire others; and to reflect how to transform the new knowledge into a power of influence and change. The ceremonies concluded with a bow in respect and “禮” from the students to the teachers, led by Dr. Pritchard. All the teachers’ hard work in preparing for a new academic year was rewarded by a thundering “READY!” from the promising audience.

Our Grade 6 spent their first day in a tradition of healthy competition by Houses, forging relationships, team spirit and game strategies. There were proud displays of House colors and costume items, bonding and encouragement in abundance. Most importantly, the event was an exemplary ISF way of welcoming our new students. At the awards ceremony, Earth House won its first trophy of the year, but every Grade 6 student was a winning performer as a fresh Secondary student.

Our DP students quickly settled into serious business on university applications, CAS and normal lessons. The Grade 11 students received outstanding MYP eAssessment results from examinations sat last school year.

All the overflowing energy, renewed focus and unreserved confidence have reassured us that we are all primed for a great year ahead!


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