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Foundation Year Graduation – Welcome to Grade 1

Jun 10, 2022 09:00

Of all the year-end celebrations that enlivened our campus during the final weeks of school, one of the most endearing is the Foundation Year Graduation. On June 16, the youngest members of our community, looked smart in their graduation gowns and mortar boards. They were effervescent on their seats, anxiously awaiting their big day to begin. Donning academic robes alike the children, Dr. Malcolm Pritchard, Head of School, conveyed in his message that graduation is only symbolic moment of a learning journey. It signifies the making of a scholar who is a lifelong learner. The Academy’s founding spirit – Learning! Learning! Learning! – continues to inspire each of these young scholars as they advance into Primary and beyond.

Ms. Shan Ning, Primary Principal, commended graduates on their growth through the most challenging of times. Growth is knowing what you have learnt, knowing your teachers and friends, and most importantly knowing more about yourself. It is also a time to rejoice in friendships made. A blissful childhood can have an enduring impact on life. With the love of parents and the nurturing of a solid education, children grow through the treasured formative years that will sculpt a healthy future.

The ceremony, brimful of innocence, potential and stirring moments, has instilled hope in the future scholars of the ISF Class of 2034. We are emboldened by the colossal amount of confidence, artistry and learning reflection delivered by students who, in their academic regalia, appeared to have matured beyond their years overnight. The ceremony culminated in the virtue of Xiao, with Dr. Pritchard leading the students in a solemn bow to beaming and proud parents on the balcony, a genuine gesture of tremendous gratitude for their unconditional love, and a pledge from the youngsters to perpetuate this cherished Chinese value.


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