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The H. J. Zhang Black Box Theater 10th Year Celebration

Dec 16, 2021 08:00

On December 9, the ISF community gathered to celebrate 10 years of The H. J. Zhang Black Box Theater. Among us were alumni, past performers, teachers and people who have been instrumental in the conception of the space and inspired by their experiences there.

We relished on the past of the theater with a celebration video that is a compelling documentary of personal testimonies, life-changing reflections and vignettes of enchanting performances. The present of the theater is showcased by recent student performances that projected a bright future of the space that will sustain, support and nurture our students and artists.

We extended our sincere gratitude to Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Zhang with a collection of books encapsulating the diverse range of performances that have been staged over the years. The celebration drew to an intimate close with a sharing of memories over light refreshments served on our school’s exclusive rooftop terrace.