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Hong Kong Palace Museum Visit

Nov 7, 2022 08:00

After school on November 4, seven teachers from Shuyuan and the Chinese faculty led 55 students from Shuyuan Chinese Classics Program, including Chinese Classics, Chinese Culture Society, Chinese Classical Literature, and Comparative Classics, to visit the newly opened Hong Kong Palace Museum.

In recent years, the Shuyuan Chinese Classics courses have become very popular among the students, and this year, more than 150 students have chosen to study different Shuyuan Chinese courses. This event aims to provide these students with an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, allowing them to experience history and culture at close range through on-site visits to cultural relics, enhancing their understanding of what they are learning and their interest in Chinese culture, and turning Chinese culture into a vivid personal experience that will remain in their memories.

This was the first time since the epidemic that the students had the opportunity to participate in a museum visit. For this purpose, we made a beautiful and interesting visit pamphlet. The students and their accompanying teachers followed the guidelines in the pamphlet “Treasure Hunt in the Forbidden City” and visited the eight galleries with great enthusiasm, seriousness and dedication, including themes such as the architecture of the Forbidden City, court life in the Qing Dynasty, Chinese ceramics, and portraits of the emperors and empresses of the Qing Dynasty. Some students also took the initiative to introduce the relics to the Western teachers accompanying them, which enhanced the cultural exchange.

Based on the feedback received, we were pleased to see that the students found many artifacts of great interest to them and asked many questions worthy of further investigation. With the help of ISF PTA members and the Hong Kong Palace Museum, this activity brought a valuable and joyful learning experience to the students.


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