Scientific Conferences and Presentations


Scientific Conferences and Presentations

Every year, Shuyuan’s Science Team collaborates with the Science Department in organizing trips to international science conferences. Senior Secondary students are given the opportunity to conduct high-caliber scientific research, typically mentored by a university professor. Students are expected, upon completion, to prepare a science poster and presentation for the conference. For the last three years, The ISF Academy has attended the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Fall Meeting and taken part in a poster and presentation session in the Bright STaRs program, which is devoted to giving talented high school scientists an opportunity to present their research and receive peer reviews from fellow scientists. By representing the Academy among 24,000 scientists, students are given a wonderful opportunity to become part of the broader scientific community. Students participate in science videos, science communication workshops, poster sessions, both as presenters and viewers, and attended keynote lectures by various renowned scientists.

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Our students are now working with the University of Hong Kong, the Ocean Park and the Hong Kong Jockey Club to prepare a presentation about molecular biology genomic research on animal-based bacteria. In June 2017, for the first time, The ISF Academy students will present their findings at the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) annual conference, Microbe.

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