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Excellent IB MYP Results for ISF Students

The Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF) is delighted to congratulate all members of its Class of 2022 for their excellent International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) eAssessment results.

This year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, onscreen tests in Integrated Humanities, Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Extended Mathematics, and Integrated Sciences were cancelled. As a result, instead of IB validated grades, students will receive from the IB a record of predicted grades, as determined by their teachers.

However, eAssessment went ahead in subjects for which ePortfolios are submitted, including Drama, Music, Visual Arts, English Language Acquisition, Chinese Language Acquisition, Design and Physical and Health Education. Each student, depending on his or her subject choices, completed between one and four ePortfolios, along with their Personal Project.

Head of School, Dr. Malcolm Pritchard praised the efforts of the students: “Members of the Class of 2022 have achieved outstanding results in particularly challenging circumstances this year, performing well above their peers globally. We are proud of our students’ achievements as they move into the IB Diploma programme.”


  • 100% pass rate (world average – 79.32% – 2019)
  • Mean average subject score 5.85 (world average – 4.61 – 2019)


These pleasing scores in ePortfolio subjects and the Personal Project reflect the strong conceptual understanding, knowledge and skills that our students have gained throughout the Middle Years Programme. We are also confident that the excellent grades predicted by teachers for onscreen test subjects are an accurate representation of the high standards our students have demonstrated in their MYP studies. Accordingly, we are confident of their ability to meet the academic challenges that lie ahead as they embark on their IB Diploma Programme journey. The ISF Academy has a deep commitment to Hong Kong, inspiring ISF learners to act as empowered global stewards since our establishment in 2003. As an internationally accredited independent school, our unique student-focused academic curriculum and experiential learning programs are deeply rooted in Chinese culture combined with a truly bilingual and intercultural learning environment, global experience, and excellent in all endeavors.