ISF Community

Building a strong sense of community is one of the core objectives of The Independent Schools Foundation Academy (The “ISF Academy” or the “Academy”). We value and respect each and every individual, and consider students, teachers, staff, governors, parents, and alumni as equal participants in our community. A learning community is one in which the pursuit of knowledge is valued by all and mutually supported. Everyone in this community learns and engages in these activities.

Our Students

Diversity is fundamental to learning excellence. We welcome and encourage students from socio-economic backgrounds. Our generous and comprehensive Financial Aid Program and Merit-Based Scholarship Program allows us to attract students from all segments of Hong Kong and ensures that no family is turned away from the Academy because of financial considerations. Our campus is also fully equipped for disabled access.

Our Teachers and Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced professional teaching faculty is carefully selected from all over the world. Students and teachers work collaboratively, plan together, set high expectations, and strive to achieve excellence. Our teachers are lifelong learners who model our core values – The Eight Virtues + One – through their professional learning and work at school.

Our Parents

Parents of our students are a big part of life at the Academy. They form a foundation for the learning community that supports each child. Our Parent-Teacher Association meets on a regular basis and is involved in many aspects of our school’s learning programs. Parents are also represented on the Foundation Board and the School Management Committee, which form the guiding force behind the long term vision and the day-to-day operations of the school respectively.