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Welcome ISF Alumni

All former students of the Academy are considered alumni of the school and members of ISF Academy Alumni (“Alumni”). Encompassing over 1,000 alumni, the network is large, growing and increasingly undertaking new activities.

About ISF Academy Alumni

The mission of the Alumni is to foster the relationship between the school and its Alumni and keep members connected to the Academy and each other through benefits, services, events, and learning opportunities, creating a lifelong sense of community among all Alumni worldwide. Alumni can assist the association and the Academy through involvement in hosting and planning Alumni events and activities, career networking and placement, financial support, and other volunteer opportunities.

We currently (as of June 2021) have 347 members who are from ten cohorts and studying in some of the finest institutions in Australia, Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK and US.

We have some exciting events ahead for this Academic Year—both on campus and around the world! As you may know, The ISF Alumni Office assists the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) in planning these networking opportunities and social events! We hope to see you at one of these events soon!


Wherever we are in the world, let’s continue to sustain, strengthen and spread the ISF spirit!


ISF for Life