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Stay connected with the Academy through the Alumni Facebook, Instagram, Blog, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and emails. You will find lots of memories and old friends there. All past students of the Academy are members of the ISF Academy Alumni with more than 400 members actively involved.

We are proud to say that the ISF Academy Alumni community embraces any former student who has ever been a part of our school community. If you spent time as an ISF student, you shared what many have described as a life-changing experience and you will always find a special home with us.

To help us stay together, please help us connect by updating your personal details.


Alumni Visit Protocol – A Friendly Reminder 

The Alumni Office is happy to assist alumni with proper access to the school campus should you wish to visit friends, faculty members or for a particular purpose other than for an official Alumni Office event.

Please fill in this form at least 2 working days ahead of your desired visit date. We will seek appropriate approval and get back to you as soon as possible. Alumni are requested not to arrive at the campus without our formal notification.

For security reasons and out of respect for existing school members and activities, alumni who show up at the door without our formal notification may be denied access or asked to show proof of alumni status before entry is granted.

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