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Giving Levels & Donor Recognition

The Academy would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all donors for their support and generosity. Donors contributing over HK$10,000 are acknowledged in school and campaign literature, while those who give a cumulative amount of HK$250,000 or more are recognized on our Donor Honor Roll, which is permanently displayed at the Academy campus. Donations of HK$250,000 and above may be pledged and paid in equal annual installments over a period of three years.


Patron HK$10,000,000 or above
Benefactor HK$5,000,000 – HK$9,999,999
Partner HK$1,000,000 – HK$4,999,999
Sponsor HK$250,000 – HK$999,999
Friend Up to HK$249,999

.(Accumulative from 2008)