Message from the Founder

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I am delighted to see The ISF Academy is thriving with a reputation as one of the finest bilingual IB schools in Hong Kong and the world.


When I founded ISF in 2003, I had a vision of establishing a premier school in Hong Kong that reflected what was remarkable about Hong Kong itself. I imagined a learning community that was grounded in traditional Chinese culture and values, yet engaged with the outside world. Hong Kong’s success is built upon its entrepreneurial spirit, its realization of the imaginable, and its openness to new ideas, while being anchored in the wisdom and customs of ancient Chinese civilization.


Like Hong Kong, ISF is a fusion of many things old and new. Our students share the strongest possible foundation in Chinese language, civilization and values. They are equally fluent in English and comfortable in the Western world, adaptable to change, and eager to seize opportunities. They are confident risk takers because they are encouraged to be curious and pursue excellence. I believe that constant curiosity combined with the mastery of core skills is a formula for a successful and flourishing life. Our graduates enter the finest universities in the world equipped to excel and thrive. It is my hope that they can become good, responsible citizens in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. True to my original vision, they reflect and represent the very best of Hong Kong.



Ms. Frances Wong


The ISF Academy