Giving Opportunities

“Compassion is our mission”

– Confucius, The Analects – Tai-bo

As an International Baccalaureate World School that boasts an enrollment of over 2,000 students, two campuses, and cutting-edge facilities, the Academy would not be where it is today without the generosity of the many individuals who have supported the school over the years.  We are incredibly thankful for each and every donation we have received. These gifts have gone on to transform the lives of our students yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

As a not-for-profit private independent school, the Academy does not receive financial assistance from the Hong Kong Government and is financed solely through tuition fees, self-generated resources and donations from organizations and individuals. Our independence enables us to pursue our unique academic vision of a dual language immersion school for tomorrow’s global citizens with conviction, commitment and confidence. It gives us the freedom to create a world-class curriculum and an appropriately challenging assessment methodology, select highly qualified and experienced teaching staff and offer small class sizes, all within a bilingual and bicultural setting.

Your Gift Matters!

As a donor, you have a direct impact on each Academy student’s learning journey and experience. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference and sends a strong message to our community and others that you believe in the Academy and its commitment to providing the best bilingual education informed by a global perspective.

Inspire Campaign (2018-2023)

The Inspire Campaign aims to raise HK$500 million over the five-year life strategic development from 2018 to 2023. This will fund capital construction projects, sustain and develop the ISF Shuyuan curriculum, found and implement the Shuyuan STEM Program, establish the ISF Learning Center and support other Foundation-sponsored educational initiatives.


General Fund

The General Fund supports the Academy’s operations and programs including events, activities, curriculum development and maintenance, and offers the Academy a high degree of flexibility to allocate funds to areas in most need. Contributions may be made at any time throughout the year.


Annual Fund

The Annual Fund was created to support the Academy’s annual operating budget and offset expenses not covered by tuition. Donations to the Annual Fund may be made at a designated time each year and are directed towards learning programs, professional development, and campus improvement projects that occur within the same year.

The Annual Fund also welcomes donations to the Library Fund, which are used to purchase new books for the Clifford C. F. Wong Libraries. Gifts of HK$100 or more may be dedicated to a specific faculty or staff member, and are recognized with a bookplate that shows the name of the donor and honoree.


Designated Donation

Donations may be made to specific programs or projects designated by the donor.


Education Fund

Donations may be directed to a specific school under ISF: The ISF Pre-School, The ISF Academy Primary School, or The ISF Academy Secondary School.


The Independent Schools Foundation Education Endowment Fund

The Independent Schools Foundation Education Endowment Fund (“The Endowment Fund”) was established in 2014 to support the continued development of the Academy as a world-class educational institution. The Endowment Fund is overseen by the Foundation’s Board of Governors and only income generated from The Endowment Fund is directed to board-approved educational purposes and programs. By funding key innovations and initiatives, The Endowment Fund plays a critically strategic role in guiding the advancement of the Academy and enables its schools to remain at the forefront of education.


Pledged Donation

Donations of HK$250,000 and above may be pledged and paid in annual installments over a period of three years.


Naming Rights Program

Donors are entitled to name designated classrooms, facilities, or buildings under the Naming Rights Program.