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The ISF Jam – Annual School Fair / Fundraising Event

The ISF Jam is an annual fundraising event that brings the entire community together for a day of fun and celebration. Game booths, arts and crafts, food stalls, and musical performances delight participants of all ages, while student ambassadors lead school tours for visitors. All proceeds from the Jam go towards the development of the school’s educational programs, activities, and facilities.


“Community & Celebration”

Our Annual Jam Day brings the entire ISF community together not just to fundraise on behalf of our students, but also to celebrate the many things we love about our school. It is a day to enjoy, make happy memories, and celebrate the community’s spirit of giving, caring, encouragement and support that makes the Academy so special and unique.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of teachers, staff, student helpers, parent volunteers, and donors, the ISF Jam has raised over HK$100 million since its launch in 2008. Every year, this event paints a beautiful picture of the ISF community coming together for a common goal and showcases the power of unity, teamwork, and generosity. Together, we do make a difference! Jam on!

Fashion Jam

Inspire Campaign - Raise HK$500 million from 2018-2023

School 15th Anniversary & Phase III Grand Opening

Redevelopment of Professor Sir Charles Kao Square

Jam 10th Celebration

Student Well-being: Activity and Healthy Living

Food For Thought

Phase IIIA and Phase IIIB Interior Fittings: Classrooms & Learning Spaces


Shuyuan, Cultural and Sporting Programs in Primary and Secondary Schools


The ISF Academy Education Endowment Fund - To Sustain The Academy as a Global Leader in Bilingual Education

School 10th Anniversary Celebration

Aspire Campaign - To Support/Enhance On-going Primary and Secondary Schools’ Student Learning Programs

Music Jam

Aspire Campaign - To Support Music Departments

Adventure Jam

Aspire Campaign - To Support OES & ELP. More play spaces and equipment for the school and student development programs

Green Jam

Aspire Campaign - To Support “GREEN” Programs/Activities

X Jam

Aspire Campaign - To Support OES & ELP and Sports Equipment

Arts Jam Extravaganza

Aspire Campaign - To Support Arts Programs & Activities

Fashion Jam School 15th Anniversary & Phase III Grand Opening Jam 10th Celebration Food For Thought Shuyuan Christmas School 10th Anniversary Celebration Music Jam Adventure Jam Green Jam X Jam Arts Jam Extravaganza