Mission Statement

University Guidance and Counseling (UGC) Team works as part of the Secondary School to prepare our students from Grade 6 to Grade 12, to fully engage in lifelong success. Between Grade 6 and Grade 8, an exploratory, optional Family Curriculum is offered. From Grade 9 to 12, students are introduced to a number of resources, one of which is the Gateway Curriculum focusing on life and college preparation. This holistic program aims to develop skills, self awareness and preparation for the application and transition to University. Our goal is to empower students and families to take the lead in the University research and application process. A group of experienced college counselors with global expertise, Grade Level Leaders and tutors supports the student-centered University searches and applications. On-going parent sessions, extensive up-to-date resources and individual meetings are available to every family throughout the personalized journey.

UGC informs and supports families through the transition to University, serving as a bridge to post-secondary opportunities. Our end goal is for each Grade 12 student to have a range of quality University choices including an excellent match. We set as our target ninety percent of the class entering their first-choice University. One hundred percent matriculation for the class is our standard.