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Allison Cheung

It has been three and a half years since I came to the academy. Although my ISF journey might not be long, it was certainly rewarding. Both the MYP and IB DP programme equipped me with the necessary skills to become an independent and open-minded learner. Various experiences from the MYP Personal Project to IB DP Extended Essay allowed me to explore areas that I was interested in and actively seek for answers, which no doubt contributed to my eagerness to learn and strive for improvement. I will always be grateful for the rich resources offered by the school, which allowed me to move beyond the classroom and widen my horizons: the Shuyuan molecular biology lab played a pivotal role in shaping my current aspiration to pursue a career in scientific research, as it provided me with the precious opportunity to conduct my own research project; the Shuyuan department also supported me when I took the initiative to conduct another independent scientific research project on bats in Hong Kong. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences like this not only shaped my better understanding of the world but also improved my soft skills, such as communication and organisation skills, which I believe will be useful for both my future academic and career pursuits.

Throughout this journey I have definitely matured both as a learner and as a person, and with the mindset and values that I have built up during my learning at ISF Academy, I look forward to pursuing my goals and dreams, and opening a new chapter of my life.

Allison Cheung

Imperial College London

Major in Biology