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Athena Ng

My past three years at ISF have been a big transition with life-changing gains that have lasting impact in my learning ethics, social relations and outlook.

Being an ISF student in the IB DP years is an invaluable experience. It is not only about obtaining knowledge from the subjects, but also learning how to socialize with people. There have been many experiential learning opportunities at ISF when we can explore a lot more about ourselves. These experiences are precious to me.

I’ve met many people here who are amazing talents across all aspects. Some of them are very talented in sports, some are very talented in niche interests such as molecular biology.

Needless to mention, I’ve also had extremely devoted teachers who supported me throughout my DP journey.

It is my aspiration to be a healthcare worker to contribute back to my community here in Hong Kong.

Athena Ng

The University of Sydney

Major in Physiotherapy