Austin Schrantz

My biggest takeaway is that you can, through persistence and hard work, make massive improvements in your academics and personal hobbies. If you choose to invest the time and effort day after day, it will eventually pay off.

Our grade in particular stands out to be rather nice, supportive and understanding. I’m very proud of the community and our dedication to service and each other. It’s quite remarkable how many people have stood up to attempt to bring effective change to our local community. It’s not just about delivering food or raising funds, but about people genuinely trying to make a difference and acting on what we learn in the classroom and from each other.

I would eventually like to enter into environmental policy because environmental issues are not only a very present issue in our day and age, but also a personal interest of mine. I think it’ll be a worthwhile investment as society wakes up to the need for systemic change.

Austin Schrantz

The University of British Columbia – Vancouver Campus