Kleio Kwok

I am immensely grateful for all the opportunities that The ISF Academy has given me throughout the years. The Shuyuan Classics department in particular has played a huge role in my learning journey. The comparative Classics program I took between Grades 9 to 10 enriched my understanding of and appreciation for my Chinese heritage. Furthermore, it deepened my fascination with Western antiquity, a passion my teachers have nurtured in me by encouraging my study of both ancient Greek and Latin, and one that I hope to continue pursuing in university.

My time here has drastically expanded my horizons — my teachers constantly challenged me to contemplate the differences between the East and the West, but, above all, to marvel at how rich a synthesis of the two can be — which is instrumental in becoming a truly global citizen, especially in times as divided as ours. For this I will always cherish the unique education I have received at ISF.

Kleio Kwok

University of Oxford – Worcester College

Major in Classics (Literae Humaniores)